Better World Books

UX Design Case Study

Improving the shopping experience of an online bookstore during a pandemic.

Services: UX Design
Year: 2021
Institution: General Assembly

Better World Books is a socially responsible bookstore that sells new & used books at competitive prices.

The Challenge

The highest priority will always be given to improving the digital experience of purchasing products and services of the business. Since the pandemic, they feel a dire need to improve the online experience to drive purchases and make it easier for people to order some products online. They have built their own website but are not pleased with the results. There have been plenty of website visitors yet few completed purchases.

Through an improved eCommerce website, we want to showcase our products while maintaining our brand image, product appeal and great customer service.

Research Summary

To identify what is best for Better World Books’ proposed website improvement. I conducted 9 user interviews via online meeting and supplemented them with questionnaire survey forms about their overall experience.

User Insights

Overall first impression is visually cluttered
Elements are all over the place which disrupts focal point
Book page is overwhelming due countless CTAs
Book thumbnails are cluttered as well with “ships free” everywhere
Corporate page not consistent with the store (vice versa).

Defining the users


“The Casual”


  • Discovering new books by the author and genre preferred
  • Ability to preview books and cover
  • Discover Book bargains fast


“The Prime”


  • To have a simplified browsing experience
  • Make search more immersive and specific
  • Better information about the books
  • Discovering new books by the genre preferred
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Analysing Buying Journey

To further validate the user’s motivations, pain points and goals. I consolidated the data gathered in the interviews to formulate their buying journey in the current website.

Framing The Problem

Abel needs to be able to have better suggestions so that he will have better bargains and experience and spend more time browsing the shop to help in deciding on the purchase.

Cookie needs to be able to have a better way to search to get better information so that she will have more immersive and seamless browsing and buying from the shop.

The Solution

An IMPROVED BetterWorldBooks eCommerce website experience though:


Visual clutter will be controlled through better visual composition


Books for sale will have better information and categorisation


Book recommendations be more personalised and based on preference


Searching books and bargains will be better, easier and more fluid

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