Changi Airport Guides

Contract Publishing

Design, production and distribution of Airport Guide and Shop & Dine providing information and guides to all airport visitors and promoting tenants within the airport facilities.

Client: Changi Airport Group
Services: Design and Project Management
Year: 2011-2020
Agency: Equity Communications Pte Ltd
My Role: Design Lead and Art Director


To design, develop, publish, distribute and manage Airport Guides and Shop & Dine, ensuring all publications will fulfil their functions of providing information to all airport visitors and promoting tenants within airport facilities.

Project Goals

To craft and revitalise Changi Airport’s Airport Guide and Shop & Dine (PUBLIC and TRANSIT) by employing a new aesthetic approach to its format, design and content presentation without compromising its brand identity and personality.

Enhancing the Guide’s readability and practical function

Ensuring visual congruence between the three publications

Showcasing the facilities, services, as well as retail and F&B options around Changi Airport

Emphasising the unique features of the airport and attractive promotions

Introducing a fresh look while adhering to CAG’s corporate identity and reflecting the airport’s international status