ISCA Annual Reports

Corporate Literature

The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants is the national accountancy body of Singapore. ISCA’s vision is to be a world-class accountancy body of trusted professionals, contributing towards an innovative and sustainable economy. There are over 33,000 ISCA members making their stride in businesses across industries in Singapore and around the world.

Client: Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants
Services: Corporate Literature
Year: 2017, 2019, and 2020
Agency: Equity Communications Pte Ltd
Role: Lead Designer

The Story

The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) is a very competitive job to obtain. Our relationship with the ISCA is highly representative and visual-driven. They wanted to represent their story in a metaphorical way and signify 100% about teamwork and support for its members.

2020 Annual Report

The concept for this visual is deep-sea diving. The tagline message is amplified by the depth of the sea. Diving is a high-risk sport. Divers must be well trained and equipped with complex skills in order to undertake dives safely. The attributes of experienced divers and their skills are used as a parallel to illustrate ISCA’s qualities, expertise and resources to serve its members.

Thematic Messaging

The imagery of divers manoeuvring undersea provides a visual representation of the theme. The combination of professional photography and stunning colour composition creates an enthralling look and feel. The visual creates an impression of ISCA as a professional organisation imbued with deep commitment and skills.

2019 Annual Report

This concept is centred on excellence as exemplified by its visionary leadership and future-oriented initiatives. The design concept visually magnifies the theme is to using the techniques and the art of film-making to draw parallels with ISCA’s efforts and contributions to empower its members, strengthen the profession and inspire Singapore to become a global business hub.

Thematic Messaging

In line with the art of filmmaking concept, our design features stunningly sharp and panoramic images reflective of cinematic wide-screen motion picture images. The images chosen for the design of the cover and the inside pages are a mixture of technical sophistry and finesse alluding to ISCA’s domain knowledge and expertise and the art of nurturing members and engaging stakeholders.

2017 Annual Report

Taking inspiration from the history of human flight, the concept aims to convey ISCA’s unwavering desire to reach greater heights as Singapore’s national accountancy body.

Thematic Messaging

Alluding to landmark achievements in the field of aviation, the analogy perfectly captures the Institute’s 1) vision for the Profession, 2) encouragement of nonstop capabilities-building, 3) spirit of collaboration and community, and 4) increasing global prominence.