Singapore Memories

UX Design Case Study

Revitalising a slowly dying platform and converting it into an active, transformative and cultural platform.

Services: UX Design
Year: 2021
Institution: General Assembly
Group: SG Historians
Role: Project Manager, Design Head

Group Setup

My Role in this project is the Design lead and project manager

This is also to help my fellow learners to learn creating visuals and curation to make impact visually and support the solution. Apart from it, i’m managing the project timeline to keep our time and resources used wisely.

My other group mates are leading the User research and Content Strategy

Our group have decided to communicate via Zoom for meetings, Telegram for ad-hoc messaging, Trello for Tasks and Figma comments for design comments.

Since this is a school project we based our project management using waterfall methodology.

The Problem

The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) has recognised that their website and services to the general public are not keeping up with the latest digital trends such as usability and accessibility of information and services. They are unsure what exactly can be improved and will need you to advise them on this.

The Process

Current state of the platform

As at 15 January 2022

The initial finding to the current website is outdated and the engagement dropped. You can click the link below to visit and experience the current site.

Visit current site

Who are we designing for?

We identified suitable users and conducted interviews with 9 users over Zoom of the current platform to further investigate and discover the problem.

We then converge and had an affinity mapping session to identify our personas.

The SG Boomer

George’s goal is to have an easy way to upload and share have his own repository of his Singapore photo compilations. And to read and see something about Singapore and its culture.

The Hippy Social

Mandy’s goal is to have a convenient space and way of sharing her Singapore story and memories and to have a connection with other people online with the same content.

To be able to validate and kill the assumptions and strengthen empathy to our users we map out their journey in the current platform

Key findings from the personas

I share my memories using social media platforms.

I am motivated to share my memories of Singapore to reminisce about how Singapore was back then.

I upload pictures, videos and journal online.

I use both website and app to upload photos, but prefer an app.

I wish to see more pictures and relevant content.

I need clear navigation as the website is very messy.

I need activities that engage me.

I do not like and will not use the current website.

I find the website is unappealing

I feel the branding of the site doesn't have consistency

I wish to see the contents with clarity

I need to see a better context for me to dig deeper in the platform

With the results of the user interviews and usability tests. We identified their goals, pain points and motivations for the platform. And with these in mind…

Identified Opportunities


Tasks to encourage engagement


Earn badges and partner rewards

Multi Generation

To attract younger and older generation

Interesting Content

SG’s then and now, not just the past

Saved Posts

Allow users to have their personal repository


Tagging memories in their respective location data

Problem Statements

The problem statements were created with a generation gap in mind because it is a key component to have a cross-generation involvement.

How might we

The Solution

Based on our user research and synthesis we have defined. We are now able to develop solutions that will help promote and improve the platform.

Why will it help Singapore Memories?

A Mobile App

Proposed mobile app having features such as camera, GPS, voice recorders for a better interactive experience.

Enhanced Narrative

A refreshed branding narrative showcasing Singapore’s transformation journey.

Better web experience

Visually driven website for better content consumption.


To encourage users’ participation and social bonding and user rewards and to bring life to the platform.

Comparative Analysis

Comparative analysis has been applied to get the best and effective features that we can use and adopt to the platform.

User Flows

Finding and joining a mission

To help our George and Mandy engage with the platform.

Browsing a collection

To help George find or browse a collection he is interested in.

Sharing a memory

To help our George and Mandy to share a memory they want to contribute.

Find an interesting featured story

To help our George and Mandy find a featured story that they are interested in.


A few samples of the mobile app
A few samples of the web version (desktop)

Key Features

From the solution and comparative analysis, We identified our feature set for the platform

Missions (Tasks)

Encourages users to engage om the platform with various tasks to complete within a specific time period. Users gets badges and rewards from SMP's partners (event specific).

Featured Stories

Specially curated stories using users’ contributions and narrated by either SMP team or the creator.


Better categorisation of contents that will use interesting titles for limitless content sorting.


A Search function with suggestions and trending topics. Geolocators for memories for location tagging.

Content Strategy

We applied a creative approach to the structure and content of the platform to deliver unique headlines and gain interest.

Information Architecture

We aim for a standard flow structure since this is a visually driven platform pay attention to the highlighted boxes in the sitemap in red.

Deep-dive Information Architecture

Featured Stories

Featured stories are curated memories that will act as featurette that enables showcasing of user’s contents/memories whether it is audio, video, photo and text with a written narrative.


Collections are custom scalable titled categories which will be more specific and with better context. Each collection will be powered by individual tags for curation.

e.g “Old school buses of the 80s” instead of Buses


Missions are tasks to encourage and increase engagement. It will also ramp up content collection.

e.g. Mission “The Marina Bay Transformation” + Synopsis and Submission Duration via Mobile App


Discover memories in POI's near the user using phone’s GPS and access content for viewing (Mobile app at the moment).

Content Strategy Goals

Design Direction

A brief formulation of the design and visuals to show how we come up with the look and feel and the colour palette.


Brand Enhancement
Current Logo
New Brand Statement
Colour Palette
Visual Moodboard

In Summary, with a refresh brand approach, the platform itself will be better recognised and will be easier to market to users in different generations.

Desktop Web Design

You can view the desktop prototype here:

View Prototype

Re-designed website overview

iOS App Design

You can view the iOS app prototype here:

View Prototype


Onboarding (added after revision)

Home (scrolled)

Missions (tasks events)

Year ticker in Collections


Usability Test

Our Group conducted a series of individual usability tests with users via Zoom to test out the initial prototype and get feedbacks.


Mobile App initial feedback
Web version initial feedback

The most important feedback we got from the initial prototype was “Feature stories is not compelling” and what are “Missions“?


Mobile App Usability Results

Rating of 8.68/10 on how likely users will use the web

Web version Usability Results

Rating of 8.82/10 on how likely users will use the web


With the consolidated feedbacks we had from our users. We initiated some improvements to solidify the context and usability.

Featured stories with more compelling titles instead of stories with generic headers.

A man’s fight towards UNESCO award for SG’s hawker culture’ VS ‘SG’s hawker culture’.

Added onboarding for website as well so users will be familiar with the various functions:

  • Missions
  • Explore
  • Connect

Revised into infinite scrolling instead of “load more” to encourage content consumption. Footer information will be accessed via the main navigation bar.

Future Considerations

For future considerations for version 2.0


Include a recommendation, promotion and events section to suggest more activity, engagement and physical events that are related to the history and culture of Singapore.


To have an option to join and upload contents to Missions via the website.


Users can explore nearby sites with street view and AR on mobile app.


A Digital Magazine creator. Users can curate and share other users’ content (with respective credits) and create their narrative.

Key Learnings

Even though I and my group mates tested the app and website with good feedbacks from our users, I wish we had been able to try and test on a bigger scale. Like giving more strenuous testing with the MISSIONS concept.

This type of social media cultural project needs a better test run with more users with different perspectives. With a better scale, we would have better metrics and we could test out the Missions (USP) better.

Our findings with the cross-generational relationship (Old and New) will help with the engagement of different age groups to reinvigorate the platform (Old, New, and Transformation).

Working on this project was astounding. Digging deeper into ideas, empathising with the users, critical feedbacks, and crossing out assumptions was a great exercise.