My Story

Wondering what is cjred? Yes, it is not a what but a who. It is my abbreviated first name 😅.

A resident here in Singapore since 2006, originally from the Philippines.

I am a multi-disciplinary designer whose expertise focuses on Visual Communication, UX Design and Corporate Literature.

I’m a T-shaped skilled professional. I have mastery in my core skills and have the ability to learn things quickly. I don’t refer to myself as jack-of-all-trades (master of none).

Started as an Industrial Designer developing environmental design, racking solutions and retail experience. Evolved as a Visual Communicator here in Singapore providing effective strategic creative solutions for various industries for over 13 years, you name it… REITs, Aviation, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Marine, Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, F&B, Industrial, Finance, Real Estate, B2B and Fashion. I also freelance on the side to do the interesting and exciting stuff.

These experiences made me a highly adaptable open-minded designer.

I recently graduated from General Assembly learning User Experience Design to further develop the fundamentals, understanding the targeted users and methodology of user experience design and understand how effective solutions are made in a continuously evolving digital world.

During my free time, I’m a home barista, a tech freak, a sneakerhead, a home chef, a gamer, a travel photographer, a cinematographer, a gardener, an inline skater, and a husband and dad.

You can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest, Behance and LinkedIn.

I do a lot of freelance work apart from my day job. For opportunities, you can view my .

Some clients I worked with