What makes my work unique?

I’m a multi-faceted designer with key skills across, visual identity, web, UI/UX, motion, digital solutions and corporate literature. My design agency background gives me the ability to deliver work with agency standards.

I started as an Industrial Designer developing environmental design, racking solutions, and physical retail experience. Came to Singapore and evolved as a Visual Communicator providing effective strategic creative solutions to a wide array industries for more than a decade, you name it… REITs, Aviation, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Marine, Technology, Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, F&B, Manufacturing, Finance, Real Estate, and Fashion.

These experiences made me a highly adaptable open-minded designer and as time progresses each day, as a designer, I have to step up and scale my skills and understanding so that I will remain relevant, especially the A.I. age is looming.

I previously graduated from General Assembly learning User Experience Design to further develop the fundamentals, understanding the targeted users and methodology of user experience design, and understand how effective solutions are made in a continuously evolving digital world.

Currently working as Head of Design in a digital agency providing UX/UI solutions, Digital Design and Motion Art Direction for a wide array of digital solutions like Mobile Apps, Website, Ticketing, e-Learning, Event platforms and Corporate Portals.

During my free time, I’m a home barista, a tech freak, a sneakerhead, a home chef, a gamer, a travel photographer, a cinematographer, a gardener, an inline skater, and a husband and dad and do a lot of creative freelance work apart from my day job.