CapitaLand 2018

CapitaLand Group FY2018

CapitaLand Group

Equity Communications

Project Type
Corporate Literature

Design Lead



Our team’s first win for CapitaLand Group’s annuals which consists of the 6 subsidiaries and the first experience of using CTRLPRNT platform for agency and client cross-collaboration on confidential documents.

Overarching Narrative

Through A Child’s Eyes

Inspired by CapitaLand’s success in reimagining the real estate of tomorrow, as well as its far-reaching initiatives to invest in the future via CapitaLand Hope Foundation, the theme takes on a child’s perspective to convey the Group’s version of the future—bright, full of promise and brimming with life.

Cover Designs

The cover art for the 2018 annual report features an image of a child, representing the future as well as the Group’s vision to grow for the long term. As a refreshing alternative to the assets-based cover design, CapitaLand has been adopting for years, this conceptual or metaphorical approach allows readers to see CapitaLand from a different angle—a more human-centric angle that gives a deeper meaning to the Group’s growth.


There is a supplementary microsite for the Annual Report for an instant overview and thematic messaging for 2018. Microsite was deployed to CapitaLand AEM platform.