CapitaLand Investment

Redesigning the corporate website to onboard investors and to have a better conversion rate to the newly listed entity.

CapitaLand Investment

Equity Communications

Project Type
AEM Corporate Website

Design Lead


The Story

After a successful demerger from the development business of CapitaLand Limited, CapitaLand Investment (CLI) was formed and the new organisation will be listed on 20 September 2021. This project will have 3 teams in each organisation which consists of our agency, a digital agency, and the CapitaLand team.

For the visual approach and UI/UX, we will have a 2-week timeline for ideation and initial usability testing before handing off for development to integrate into CapitaLand’s AEM platform.

My Role

My role in this project was the overall contact point from the client, design lead, and overall liaison with partner developer The Union (aka Deloitte Digital). 

The Challenge

The team is tasked to develop a new website for CapitaLand that will standout among CapitaLand group and clearly communicates CapitaLand Investment’s vision, corporate values, and business objectives.

Insights and Discovery

The team gathered our insights through current conversion rate, UX auditgeneral feedback and competitive analysis. We shortlisted investment firms overseas to study namely, BlackRock, Brookfields, and Carlyle Group. We analysed by feature inventory, structure, and plus delta.

Target Audience

We will be emphatising on 2 types of users and prioritizing their motivations and goals for this website.

The Investor Relations


  1. Wants to clearly communicate what value does CLI give to interested parties
  2. To provide the latest information and news
  3. To communicate their latest sustainability goals

The Shareholder


  1. Interested to know more about the new organisation
  2. To get first-hand information on the latest news and stock performance while on the move

Problem Statements

The Investor Relations needs a way to decimate information and news about CLI so that there will be a clear avenue to communicate with users.

The shareholders needs a way to access high-quality information about CLI so that he will get first-hand information on the move.


We have defined the best solution through synthesisation of our research data and insights for CapitaLand Investment’s new corporate website that will onboard their existing investors and new investors to learn, read, and hop in.

Website Features

The website experience consists of the following components to help with conversion:

The landing page will have a full screen slider with clear information that features simple animations and a video main screen. Important updates and contents will be represented in each slide.

A write-up that is clear and concise so that the viewer will have a better understanding of  CapitaLand’s new entity

With noticeable CTAs the user will be guided to the information they wanted to dive deeper to.

For ease of navigation and finding information cutting complicated browsing of information

The Website will be design mobile first and will be adapted for desktop viewing for better mobile experience on the go

Information Architecture

Content assets will be recycled and managed by two platforms utilised by CapitaLand which are Adobe Experience Manager and ShareInvestor as most of the dynamic content like news and stock information will be reused.

Standard Contents

Website contents will be inventorised under the CMS using Adobe AEM platform.

News and Events Contents

Will be managed through CLI's AEM platform. Category asset will be reused (Phase 1)

Investor Relations Contents

Will be managed through ShareInvestor via ShareInvestor API to push investor updates on demand.

Stock Information

Stock Information will be updated via ShareInvestor API. Focusing on stock quotes, day's range and volume.


The sitemap will stick to the hierarchical structure to condense the cognitive load on each page and to address CLI’s contents they want their users to get the value of. Gradually this will change after this phase of the project

Developing The Visual Design

In developing the initial design the team did a rapid wireframing session and produced a high-fidelity functional prototype.

Setting the tone

The website mood board to create a professional backdrop and look and feel:

Cover Slider

The main slider will be in auto full-screen cover page to provide visual impact. The first slide will have the latest and most critical updates and important messaging. As for the rest of the slides they will be linked to their respective sections.

The Design System

High Fidelity Visuals for V1

Showcasing the high fidelity prototype before hand-off and deployment to AEM.


Mobile App

Testing, handoff, and UAT

First level of usability test is done on the high fidelity prototype to test responsiveness, visibility, readability, and ease of navigation. As timeline has to consider handoff and development/deplyment phase.

Usability Test (Prototype)

The usability result of the prototypes are 87% positive. There were some revisions on the contents due to heavy content on some pages resulting in cognitive overload.

User experience preference
0 %

Handoff and Development

After the 2 week sprint and prototype usability testing, We have received a greenlight for handoff via Zeplin (for design specs) to the developer partner to build the site and deploy to CapitaLand AEM platform. The developer have a 1.5 months timeline including UAT before launch.


Under the user acceptance test, the developed site is fully functional with a few changes to improve the user experience.

AB Testing was done using via Adobe Target to determine best solution for faster navigation and familiarity.

Based on the AB test. The hamburger menu was turned-off for the bigger screen versions for visibility especially for older users. Stock ticker was also added for investor background for an overview of stock performance.

Currently the content and writeup of the overall corporate website have to simplify for the first base of content.

Project Conclusion

As we conclude the project and applied the UX design process for this website revamp exercise, we were able to iterate our research within a given amount of time and with a small team and our experience as an agency we were able to adapt quickly, especially in the handoff phase and deployment to CapitaLand’s AEM platform.

Although, based on auditing the first phase of the project, CLI has to revise the contents and write-ups to further reduce cognitive loads on main section pages and to be able to communicate clearly and easily with users.