JBL Monsters

Branding release for JBL Jr.

Harman Singapore

cjred & The Good Folks

Project Type
PR Campaign

Design Consultant



JBL set its sight on giving the gift of sound to kids around the world with the launch of JBL Jr, its first line of kids’ headphones that perfectly blend youngsters’ entertainment needs with parents’ safety and quality expectations. Engineered for maximum enjoyment at volume levels safe for kids’ delicate ears.

The Brief

My friends at The Good Folks were tasked with JBL Singapore’s first major PR campaign  in years, as we embraced our inner-child we conceptualised a fun and interactive media kit that took the form of a ‘gift’.

The Idea

Articulating the fun and quirky side of JBL Jr. through cute monsters to amplify the PR campaign with fun and exciting visual that kids will easily blend in.

The Media Kit

The media kit consists of sticker packs, finger puppets with a cute monster theme, and a personalised handwritten letter to the recipient.

The sticker pack consists of the official monster mascots that complement the media kit.

Our monster design are iterated to a finger puppet version to have a playful setting with the kids and the kid at heart.

The mail-in letter is a physical letter to inform digital influencers to this new product release.


Official Monster Mascots for JBL Jr. PR Campaign.

Influencer Photos

Some of the influencer photos for the PR campaign.